Kohta is a privately initiated kunsthalle in Helsinki that presents uncompromising contemporary art in all its forms.


Kohta’s curated public programme of exhibitions and events aims to consistently reflect the complexity and capacity of visual art today and its futures-oriented potential.

Kohta brings together contemporary artists from Finland and the rest of the world in solo and group exhibitions. Our mission is to feature artistic thinking in its many forms and showcase artists from different generations and media.

Kohta’s exhibition programme consists of 5 exhibitions a year. The programme is designed by the Kohta Council. In addition to the exhibition programme we organise events, such as screenings and talks, with the aim to create fruitful dialogue around and about contemporary art and connect the dots between different art forms.

Kohta’s programme is usually decided a few years in advance, and we are rarely able to accommodate unsolicited suggestions for exhibitions.


Kohta is located in the rapidly developing Kalasatama neighborhood, on the top floor of a 1980s industrial building. We have around 160 square meters of exhibition space, divided into a main space and a studio space.




The Kohta Council

Magdalena Åberg
Artist, Helsinki

Martti Aiha
Artist, Fiskars

Anders Kreuger
Curator and writer, Helsinki; Director of Kohta

Richard Misek
Filmmaker and senior lecturer in digital media, University of Kent

Thomas Nyqvist
Artist, Helsinki

Nina Roos
Artist, Helsinki

Hans Rosenström
Artist, Stockholm



Anders Kreuger
[email protected]
+358 452013048

Gallery Manager

Mia Dillemuth
[email protected]


Kohta would not exist without our supporters and collaborators.

Kohta seeks collaboration with and support from a variety of public and private entities in Finland and abroad.

Kohta’s Programme for 2020 is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland,  the Swedish Cultural Fund in Finland, the City of Helsinki and Stiftelsen Tre Smeder, Föreningen Konstsamfundet r.f.

Kohta cooperates with Tikkurila Oyj and Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo.

Kohta’s programme for 2019 was supported by the City of Helsinki, Svenska Kulturfonden and Stiftelsen Tre Smeder.

Kohta is launched and partially supported by the EMO Foundation.