NO PUTIN NO Christmas Sale Event


During the last weekend for Näkypaikka and during the Teurastamo Christmas bazaar, Kohta will host a sales event for the NO PUTIN NO campaign.

NO PUTIN NO will be selling bags and t-shirts with new limited-edition designs by Finnish-based artists. All proceeds are donated to Helping to Leave, a humanitarian aid project in Ukraine.

Since June 2022, KOHTA has been collaborating with the NO PUTIN NO, a campaign run by Helsinki-based artists in support of Ukraine.



Printmaking has a long tradition of being a vehicle for resistance and rebellion. When you buy a shirt, you simultaneously donate to those in need and send a clear anti-war message.

For those already familiar with NPN bags and T-shirts, we have prepared something new this time! The NPN team invited two artists to a unique collaboration to produce two astonishing designs for our Christmas limited edition!

About NO PUTIN NO campaign

The NO PUTIN NO is an anti-war campaign started by Helsinki-based artists Pavel Rotts and Robin Clifford Ellis in the spring of 2022 as a reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The idea is to produce goods for sale that communicate an anti-war message and raise Ukraine funds.

They chose an organisation in Ukraine called Helping to Leave as the recipient of the fundraising as they felt that it would have the most beneficial impact on ordinary Ukrainians trying to flee the war. The core of our campaign is printing t-shirts with all proceeds going to Helping to Leave.

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